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Master Level Photography Course

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Be Ready To Become The Master Of The Studio Lights

Master course A course you will not find with any other photography institute in India. Fashion photography course which will make you a commercial fashion photographer just in 2 months. Learn under the personal guidance of the Master "Varun Patel". Photography course that focuses on shooting, retouching and portfolio building. When you are done with the course, you will walk out with a strong fashion portfolio which will help you get the commercial jobs. The most advanced course for Fashion Photographers - MASTER COURSE.
Module 1 is for Understanding Equipments And Advanced Lighting Setups. Although this course is for advanced lighting, but we also make sure your base is very clear. Start your learning with understanding the equipments. Update yourself with the most advanced lighting equipments in the industry. Learn those professional multi light setups and practice them on our models. No more random lighting techniques, we will teach you the precise lighting that will make you confident shooting in any situation. From indoor to outdoor lighting setups everything will be clear.
Module 2 is for Trick Photography And Complex Lighting Setup. Projection devices, Stroboscopic flashes, Advanced equipment, Ring flashes, Para umbrellas, things you have never used before for your lighting setups. Techniques and lighting equipment that will raise your shooting standards. Learn the art of shooting levitation, commercial composting for fashion campaigns.
Module 3 Photo shoot with our models. Practice all your concepts and lighting ideas with our models. We will give you 4 photo shoot sessions, 4 hours each with our models. On request we will also manage a makeup team for your practice sessions if you are looking for some creative shots. These sessions will help you built a strong fashion photography portfolio. It will be easier for you to approach your clients with these professionally shots images.
Module 4 is for the high end retouching techniques. High end photo retouching and compositing, Learn the art of composting, high end skin processing. Advanced ways for using the tools for pixel level processing. Photo editing sessions that will bring that final bling to your images. An advanced fashion photography course is not complete without the advanced photo editing sessions and this module will give you those final touches to your fashion images. Module 5 Full day photoshoot with International model At the end of the course, we give you a full day shoot with International Fashion Model and our makeup teams. We will show you how we plan and execute our photo shoots. From fashion to boudoir we shoot everything on this day. This shoot is going to uplift your fashion photography portfolio.

  • 1on1 Personal Coaching with Mr Varun Patel
  • Shoot with our Indian and International models
  • Handson experience professional lighting systems
  • English, hindi, gujarati language options
  • Walk out with a professional fashion portfolio
  • Learn advanced skin retouching and compositing
  • Understanding fashion photography business aspects
  • 100% practical photography course

Master level photography course structure

    The Light Types
    The Light Sources
    The Lighting Laws
    The Shadows
    Light Quality
    Light Shaping
    Light Temperature
    Light Directions
    How to work with natural light indoor for best possible outcomes
    Using window light from different angles for different contrast effects
    Proper ways to use the reflectors for outdoor and indoor shoots
    Understanding reflectors
    Understanding the fill flash
    How to work with built-in flash of your camera
    How to control your speed lights through your built-in flash
    How to connect flashes without trigger and receivers through optical concoction
    How to work with external flash
    Type of the flashgun
    Understanding the TTL Flashes
    High Speed Sync Flashes
    Creative ways to bounce the flash
    Balancing the flash and available lights in the room
    How to use the external flash off camera
    The trigger types
    Understanding the light modifiers
    Basic Studio Lighting Setups
    Advance Studio Lighting Setups
    Studio Lights Positions
    Portrait Photography Posing
    High key setups
    Low key setups
    Loop lighting
    Lighting setup for catalogue shoots
    Cosmetic beauty light setup
    Become familiar with the Photoshop interface
    Introduction To Tethered Shooting
    Second curtain sync
    Shooting with flash and ambient light for creating outstanding portraits
    Shooting levitation outdoor and indoor
    Composite images from how to create them to how to process them for final outputs
    Shooting with Ring flashes for 3D light on subjects
    Shooting with parabolic umbrella for shadow less lighting
    Shooting with MULTI flash for stroboscopic effects

    4 hours indoor shoot for practice
    4 hours indoor shoot under the guidance of mr Varun Patel
    4 hours outdoor shoot for practice
    4 hours outdoor shoot under the guidance of mr Varun Patel

    Module 4 PHOTO EDITING.
    Photoshop software interface
    Learning how to process your RAW files for best output
    The tools for editing
    Healing for skin corrections
    Fill and content aware Fill
    Power of cloning for composition correction
    Photoshop layers
    Layer masking
    Using plugins for skin smoothing
    Texture and colour frequencies
    Techniques for skin retouching
    How to do composites which are realistic
    Understanding the editing for outdoor and indoor levitation
    Learn the best way for sharpening your images
    The colour grading game with actions
    Body shaping
    Grafting for retouching
    Color calibration and printing
    RGB and CMYK color profiles
    Fast and effective background changing techniques
    Wacom systems, are they good and how they can change your work speed

Now when you are ready with all knowledge about fashion lighting and retouching. It is time to shoot with our Professional International Model. At the end of the course we give you full day photo shoot with International model and our makeup team. A full day of shooting glamour and fashion. This day will give you the best pictures for your portfolio. Pictures that will differentiate your work from other photographers. You will learn how to prepare for commercial shoots, how we plan the concepts, how we execute the concepts. Guiding the model and the entire team for the best outcome.

Requirements to join our Master level photography course

The Master level photography course for fashion photographers, is one of the most advanced lighting course you will enroll ever. So we expect you to come with some pre-preparations. The photographers who want to join this course should know photography fundamentals. Your shutter speed, aperture, ISO should be clear. You should own a DSLR camera. We need students to bring at least 1 flash gun system along. We provide studio lights. Students also need to carry their own computers for the editing sessions.

Is there any course where everything is there from beginner to masters?
Sure, we are always up for customizing a perfect course for you. We are here to share our knowledge every way possible. So feel free to call us up or write us an email asking for your customization.

How Do I register my self for the course?

We give our master course on 1on1 sessions. So you do not have to wait for the next batch to start to join. You can start your photography course anytime . Registration for all our photography courses has to be made in advance. But before registration, we want to clear all your doubts, if you have any, regarding our course. So give us a call on +91 9898 550 223 for discussion. If you do not have any queries, you can directly ask our executive on that number, for the process for registration.

Course reviews
  1. photography students

    Akhil Narayan

    I am working commercial fashion photographer based in Kerala, India. My journey with Varun sir started with the Master Course. I had a language barrier, because I knew Hindi and English on a very minimal level. But during the entire course, I never felt that mattered even for a single second. The way he explains, keeping it personalized and simple. I mean no other mentor in entire India will be as smooth as he is. Plus the course it is perfectly crafted for fashion photographers. The editing sessions are something that gave me edge over other fashion photographers in my town. My 2 months stay in Ahmedabad was like a learning vacation. It is always your hard work to become successful but a perfect mentor like him and a perfect course such as Master course will sure help you during your journey.

  2. varunpatelphotographystudents

    Hemit Modha

    Working as professional fashion photographer now, in UK and India. I must say the master course has helped me reach these heights. This course is different then other fashion photography courses available in India because, during the course the focus is not only learning but also creating an amazing portfolio. I was shooting with professional models every day during the course which helped me with a huge portfolio. But my favorite part during the course was the photo shoot with the international model and the entire team under Varun sir's guidance. A big YES from my side to this course. It is worth more than what you are paying for.